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Thriving as Yourself
Assessment Worksheet

Congratulations! You've completed the Thriving as Yourself Assessment. Now let's take the next step.

This assessment helps you by providing a snapshot of the present, capturing how you're doing at thriving as yourself.


Getting this clarity will help you to increase your self-awareness and become more introspective. 

Use this assessment as a check-in to notice what is working in your life, where there is alignment in what you're doing and the kind of contribution you'd like to make.​


Chart your individual results against this map to help you pinpoint where you are now so that you can most effectively understand the meaningful next steps you can take.

Either print out this Worksheet PDF or edit it directly on your device

Here is the Assessment explained

Thriving As Yourself Editable PDF worksheet.jpg


Plot your results on the worksheet according to the scores received in your results email.

Plot your results.jpg
Then join the points together so that they form a radial / spider graph shape.
Make a Shape.jpg

The bigger and rounder the shape of the results, 
the more you are thriving as yourself.

Here are some examples of score results before and then after six months of coaching with Em.

Your results are not static. They grow and change as you do.


Check out our resource library to find specific exercises and tools to help you move forward.

While you may feel free to explore the full library, I invite you to focus first on your highest and lowest scoring areas.

For the top three areas where you score the highest: Reflect on what practices you currently use in these areas as well as on your journey to get to where you are now. Notice how your behaviors contribute to your ability to thrive and also how you create the conditions for those around you to thrive as well (if your high scores are in the thriving zone).

For the three areas where you score the lowest at this time: It's about action. Taking action. Try out some of the recommended exercises or try something else if they don't resonate. Notice what works and what's getting in your way.

You'll also find some reading recommendations under each category that I have personally found helpful and frequently recommend to my coaching clients.

Do you want to accelerate your growth?

Consider coaching. Coaching in a really powerful way to step into thriving. 


No matter what your results are now, you have an opportunity.

If you're in the survival zone - what a great chance to find ways out (and sustainable habits to stay out)!

If you're coasting - dial it up to a point where you love the experience of your life and feel proud of what up to by stepping into the thriving zone. 

If you're thriving - we'll unpack your conscious actions and unconscious competencies and find ways for you to really serve those around you and aid in their growth!


To learn more about accelerating the growth of your team or organization, book a call with Em to learn more about how you may work together.

If you haven't yet, watch Em in a few videos discussing how to understand and use your results. 

Coachng with Em
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