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Your Path to Thriving
Starts Here

Take this unique assessment to check in on how you're doing right now at thriving as yourself. It will take less than 10 minutes and you'll see your results immediately. 

With personalized results, this assessment will help you to zone in on specific areas where you are thriving, coasting, or surviving in your life. Understanding your results will help you identify specific habits and exercises to focus on to thrive more fully. You'll have access to resources, customized to your results, to support you on your journey to experience more deep fulfilment with a sustainable healthy energy and a calm sense of inner peace. 


This assessment will not tell you WHO you are...

                               it will help you to understand WHERE you are.

When you know where you are, you can then take meaningful next steps forward, aligned to where you want to go. This assessment is not static, how you're doing and how you're feeling will grow and change as you do. Unlike other assessments that predict only one way of being, this assessment is powerful to take again after you've learned how to work with it and have taken some intentional steps forward. In coaching engagements and programs, I invite people to retake it about two times per year.

This assessment will not analyze how well you are doing against a set of static external variables... 

it will help you understand how aligned you are with yourself.

Check in on your relationship to yourself and how much 'what you do' and 'how you be' aligns with who you are and who you aspire to become. 

You'll be invited to consider such questions as: 

  • How consistently are you in situations where you can use your strengths and are valued for it?  

  • How able you are to let go of things that are out of your control?

  • How are you doing at managing your own triggers, optimizing your energy, setting up boundaries that align with what's important to you?

This assessment is not solely about the personal gain you'll experience when you thrive...

 it will help you understand that when you thrive, you are in service to others and the world around you.

Your results will map where you are across 12 spectrums and categorize whether you are currently thriving, coasting or surviving in those areas. 


When you're thriving as yourself, you'll feel:  

full of clarity  /  full of freedom  /  full of abundance

full of love full of gratitude  /  full of calm

full of presence  /  full of strength  /  full of radiance

full of respect  /  full of hope  /  full of meaning

These feelings are in stark contrast to when you're surviving, where you feel:

lost   /   under pressure / ineffective

judgmental / frustrated / anxious

distracted / weak / exhausted

overburdened / hopeless / bored


If you are feeling the least bit under pressure, overburdened, lost, judgmental, or exhausted, this assessment will help you take the first step towards feeling full of freedom, respect, clarity, love and radiance.


Join the thousands of leaders around the world that regularly use this assessment as a tool to guide their lives by clicking on the button below.

Understanding your results will help you identify specific habits and exercises to focus on so you can up your game and step into your next level potential. 

This assessment takes under 10 minutes to complete and you will receive your personalized results immediately. 

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