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Leadership Coach for Women

Hi, I'm Em, a global coach, facilitator, speaker... and free spirit. 


My lifelong quest has been to create spaces where people can thrive. Over the past two decades, I've designed and led transformational programs for thousands of people across over 30 countries. I coach high-performing executives and help organizations retain, develop and advance women. 

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Let me ask you: 


  • Do you have this feeling like you’re ready to step into next level you, but you’re not sure how to action it?  

  • Does the idea of shining a light on things you may not have considered about yourself and your current day to day excite you? 

  • Are you ready to thrive?


You've likely found your way here because... 



You want to operate at your best. You’ve got high standards of success and you’re not afraid to go for what you want.


You want to be more authentic. You want to be bolder. You don't want to apologize for bringing your best, for wanting to make an impact.


You want to craft a life that truly inspires you. You’ve got people around you counting on you to show them the way. You want unlock the potential of others.

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But something feels off - the journey is unclear...

What you want at this stage isn’t so easy to just map out and get.


You’re open, you’re ready, you’re willing, and yet, you’re not moving forward at the pace you’re capable of.


You’ve tried.

You've asked for feedback.

Your boss. Your direct reports. Your friends from grad school. You'd like others to help you see yourself from different perspectives.

You've read books.

Atomic Habits, Thinking Fast and Slow, Getting Things Done. The Secret. The Alchemist too maybe?

You’ve attended courses.

Leadership programs offered by your company. Workshops from an industry group. Maybe you're a member of your organization's women's or diversity council.


And when none of this has worked, you’ve maybe even tried other things.


Yoga classes or teacher training, coaching courses or certification, spiritual readings or horoscopes.

You're ready, but you’re not seeing the change you want.

It's not your fault.


Thriving is a very individual thing.


It’s not something you solve for, it’s something you design and craft.

It’s not a single exercise, it’s a journey and a mindset.


What you need is to...


Get better at walking your unique path. Because your uniqueness will lead you to your greatness.

Lean into enjoying the journey by steepening your learning curve and taking responsibility for what success means to you now.



Thrive As Yourself Methodology:

A Proven 3-Step Process

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Are you ready to step into
next level you?

Step 1: Get A Snapshot

Identify specific areas where you are currently thriving, coasting, or surviving. Reflect on patterns and behaviors that have contributed to you being where you are. Awaken to new possibilities and boldly break down containers holding you back.

The thrive as yourself method is a proven 3-step process that will enable you to live as a fuller version of yourself, to find alignment across the different parts of your life, and to step up as a leader.

Moving through this process will also create the space for others around you to do the same.


Step 2:

Enjoy Momentum


Steepen your learning curve by running a series of experiments designed to get you into a thriving state. Acquire critical tools and patterns of reflection to keep you there.

Em Roblin deep dive approach
Em Roblin coaching package

Step 3. Share The Love

Thriving is contagious. Emanate a healthy energy and vitality that will hold space for others to take meaningful steps forward on their own journeys. Learn how to lead inclusively to effectively guide others.

People who have gone through this process report growth in the following areas:

  • Increased emotional intelligence

  • More sustainable energy and vitality

  • More effective at setting and enforcing boundaries

  • Better staying confidently anchored in their values and purpose

  • Better strategic thinking and decision making

  • Better able to dance with uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity.

Which leads to real world results... 

Trying bold new things

  • Implementing bold new innovations that break through in their organizations

  • Relocating to a dream city

  • Taking a sabbatical and pursuing fresh initiatives

  • Joining in a community around a cause they are passionate about (or kickstarting one when they can’t find one)

Consistently thriving

  • More trusting relationships

  • Building high performing teams 

  • Keeping and developing their best people

  • Picking up or reigniting meaningful and fulfilling hobbies 

  • Falling back in love with someone or some thing (or both)

  • Loving life more and enjoying the experience more

You're the one and only you 

So the way your thriving self will show up could mean some of these real world results, but it could also mean something entirely different.

Are you open to possibilities?


One thing is for sure, when you thrive as yourself, you feel it.

It's fun (and empowering) to observe the impact thriving has in your own quality of life, as well as to consider the magnitude of the ripple effect it has in your family, at work, and in your community.


Ready to get started?




"What’s the value of living in alignment, feeling at home and centered in your own skin? Investing in myself and my own growth has had a tremendous impact and I love that I’m role modelling this to my daughter."

-Sarah, Business Development / Strategic Partnerships, France


"I’m still processing how it happened that this experience could be so fun and yet so intense! Whatever the combo, our time together kickstarted what’s been an incredible journey for me. I’m in a much different place than I thought I’d be when I set out, but that’s somehow a dream, as I’ve been willing to go “off course” and craft my own path!"


-Stephenie, Founder in EdTech, China

"Working with Em put a spotlight on self-awareness and the stories we tell ourselves. In a stressful period, I was able to step back into myself and recenter on what was really important to me and come away with some clear next steps that have led to better boundaries and a work life integration that's really working for everyone."

-Theresa, Global executive / Mom that challenges the status quo, USA

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About Em Roblin

My lifelong quest has been to create spaces where people can thrive. I've worked with thousands of people across 30 countries and two decades.

Growing up in Toronto, I studied to be a teacher and then completed a Masters in Political Science focused on how inclusion and diversity dynamics impact learning. At my graduation I won two awards, including the Graduate Director’s Award of Merit, but instead of feeling full of recognition and hope, I felt suffocated by my own need to prove my worth. I made a seemingly illogical decision: to go to China. Deep down, I craved adventure, and the idea of going just to open myself up to it felt freeing.

I saw an opportunity to bridge Western countries and China in multinational organizations, and started a workplace inclusion business at a time when there was not even an agreed upon word in Mandarin for inclusion. I've done fascinating work with top Fortune 500 companies globally to design and lead transformational programs.

Based in Asia, I coach high-performing executives and help organizations retain, develop and advance women. I'm a keynote speaker at leading universities like INSEAD, Stanford and Peking University, and was recognized as a Woman Leader to watch in RUILI's 25th Anniversary Magazine alongside prominent changemakers that include celebrities and business leaders.

I have three children and love being part of a blended, intercultural family. If I hope my kids will grow into their fullest selves, then the least I can do is model that to them. As a mother, stepmother and wife, I've found ways to become even more of my bold, adventurous, and creative self.

I take regular sabbaticals. They serve as a critical function for introspection, contemplation, and creativity. In 2019, I craved reconnection to nature and sought an off-the-grid experience (think no electricity and cooking by open fire). Together with my daughter, we headed deep into the jungles of Flores, Indonesia. Due to the pandemic, we flew to Bali.

Navigating through the pandemic with a global family and a regional business in Asia was challenging, but it allowed me to ask big questions about how we want to live. Even I was not ‘at home’ during the pandemic, I felt at home - at home in my own skin. Living in Bali, often referred to as "the Island of the Gods", has allowed me to grow spiritually and to further embrace my feminine energy.

I strive to live in alignment, regularly checking in with myself to bring my best and full presence to whatever fun thing I’m diving into at each given moment. I am a work in progress and I don't apologize for that. I'm learning new things and laying new tracks all the time.

And I look forward to meeting you and exploring how I may support you on your journey of growth!

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