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The Unconventional Truth Manifesto

Much Madness is divinest Sense – to a discerning Eye” – Emily Dickinson


People are tired of their conventional way of living and doing things - especially when living in such a manner brings diminishing results and outputs in our fast-changing world.

In periods of change – where uncertainty and ambiguity prevail – people tend to cling to what has worked and to what is tried and tested and true. Unchecked, this can limit the opportunities that change opens up. Even an “out with the old and in with the new” approach to change makes assumptions and follows norms and common-sense thinking.

In this globalized, connected world, there is infinite possibility. It’s time to step out of our bounds of “normal” and “conventional” and step into our roles as creators, crafters and shapers of our own worlds, of our collective world, of our envisioned futures.

Living by the Unconventional Truth means


Continuous, ongoing growth which means you’ll live more like a snake than a caterpillar. Wait, what?  Not what you were expecting, but I’m serious. It’s all about molting versus metamorphosis. Snakes shed skin either by circumstance in that they encounter a literal rough patch and need to reset or, by intentional growth where they are thriving and growing  in their environments but are limited by their skin – literally their own selves. This is in contrast to metamorphosis, which is a radical, almost unrecognizable transformation and a one-off process. What I’m really saying is – live by the unconventional truth and you’re signing up for a never-ending journey of growth, regrowth and an ever-evolving self.


Living by the Unconventional Truth means feeling a deep sense of freedom by living your fullest life, in your own way, on your own terms by crafting your own path. Unapologetically. Freedom to create, freedom to say what really needs to be said, freedom to be, freedom to make choices, freedom to dance in the rain, freedom to do anything and freedom to do nothing as well, freedom to let go, freedom to be wrong, freedom to be right, freedom to say yes and no as well as change your mind, freedom to fail, freedom to weep with joy, freedom to weep in sorrow. Freedom.


Living by the Unconventional Truth means you won’t always take the easy road – actually you’ll seek out the more difficult paths, the ones aligned with your values and purpose, that contribute to things you really care about… the ones that bring you fulfillment.  Fulfillment sounds like: Today mattered. I feel connected to something bigger than me. I’ve left something I’ve touched better than I found it.  


While living the Unconventional Truth, you’ll empower others. Empowering them not to be like you – but to be like themselves. A world full of people living as themselves… growing – contributing - feeling deeply free. That - in and of itself - seems like enough of a reason, doesn’t it?  

Unlocking the Unconventional Truth requires…


Taking radical responsibility.

Honestly and openly assess how you got to where you are in your life right now. That includes taking full ownership of your emotions, your feelings, all your triggers, the quality of your life and your relationships. That *also* means you need to take radical responsibility for your gifts, for the power of your words, for the opportunity you have to leave the world better than you found it in ways that only you can.


Zooming out from problems.

Because the problem isn’t the problem. It’s about overriding your bias for action and stopping yourself from knowing with certainty the right answer, the best way, the way. Your expertise at solving problems and the speed at which you pride yourself on finding a resolution is actually a barrier. It’s about zooming up and out to get some distance and a fresh perspective.


Getting comfortable being uncomfortable.

Say goodbye to your need to control and hello to being able to sit with uncertainty and complexity, leaning into difficult conversations across difference, being willing to learn, unlearn and relearn where required. Tuning in and reconnecting to your heart, where your purpose and love emanate brightly. It’s not about losing sight of the intellectual, but it is about recognizing that you don’t and can’t know everything.

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