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Understanding your
Thriving as Yourself

In order to influence others and have an impact,

you must first radiate brightly as yourself.


This assessment is going to help you by providing a snapshot of the present - how you're doing at thriving as yourself.

Getting this clarity will help you to increase your self-awareness and become more introspective. 

Use this assessment as a check in - notice what is working in your life - where there is alignment in what you're doing and the kind of contribution you'd like to make - and notice what isn't working too.  

This assessment will help you to get the clarity needed to focus on the key actions to take and habits to build in order to thrive as yourself. This, in turn, will help you to influence others and impact your environment.

The Assessment has Four Quadrants based around Two Axes


The vertical axis is focus - being. Focus is about what you spend your time doing, while being is about your state of being. 
The horizontal axis is boundaries - acceptance.  Boundaries looks at what kind of boundaries you have in place and how they are serving you - setting you up for success and keeping you grounded in what's important. Acceptance is about accepting who you are, where you are, and what's happening around you.  

Please note the assessment is not measuring outcomes - ie. in the achievement quadrant, your results won't tell you how much you've achieved in your life. It shows you your current relationship to achievement and how well you're doing at focusing your activities around what you're good at, what you're interested in, and where you can add the most value.

Example: A senior leader with an impressive career could take this assessment and score low in the assessment quadrant. It doesn't mean they are not achievement-oriented nor does it mean that their priority for achievement has dipped. It could mean the person feels unsure of where their career is going, or that they spend a lot of time doing things they don't enjoy and feel ill-equipped to handle, or that they feel like the gap between where they've expected themselves to be and where they are is untenably large.

The bigger and rounder the shape of the results, 
the more you are thriving as yourself.

There are three rings around the center in the background image:


The smallest, darkest ring indicates you’re likely struggling, caught in a vicious cycle. We call it the survival zone.


The middle ring is the neutral zone, where you’re not likely feeling any kind of “pain” but you’re also likely not challenged in any kind of stimulating way. Think of it as “coasting.”


The outer ring, the biggest one, is the thrive zone. Here, you’re in a virtuous cycle of positive learning – you’re radiating, and you inspire those around you to grow in this way too.


Your results are not static. 
They grow and change as you do.

Below is a Detailed Map of the Assessment

You can chart your individual results against this map to help you pinpoint where you are now so that you can most effectively pinpoint what meaningful next steps you can take.

Circle no text.jpg
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To best prepare for your workshop or coaching session, please note down observations from your assessment, as well as any questions you have. 

Comparing yourself to others is not the spirit of this assessment. That said, you may be shown some global data in your workshop (or please feel free to inquire about this in coaching) because it can be helpful initially for context.  

No matter what your results are now, you have an opportunity. If you're in the survival zone - what a great chance to find ways out (and sustainable habits to stay out). If you're coasting - dial it up to a point where you love the experience of your life and feel proud of what you're up to by stepping into the thriving zone.
If you're thriving - we'll unpack your conscious actions and unconscious competencies and find ways for you to really serve those around you and aid in their growth and what you're able to do together as a result!

Where to go from here:

  • Access our database of exercises and actionable tools for the assessment. 


  • Watch Em in a few videos discussing how to understand and use your results.  


  • To accelerate your growth, learn more about coaching with Em.

  • To learn more about accelerating the growth of your team or organization,

       book a call with Em to learn more about how you may work together.

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