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Turn feedback into your leadership growth catalyst!

Free workshop:
Navigating Feedback for Women Leaders 
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Feedback is essential for growth but it can be complex to navigate.

Many women leaders face challenges like being stranded in a feedback desert that stalls meaningful growth, receiving vague advice that is difficult to action, or getting feedback that is at odds with our authentic selves. Recognizing these hurdles, I've designed a workshop to empower you to leverage feedback with confidence, clarity, and purpose.


Transform feedback from a challenge into a catalyst for leadership excellence.

Workshop Rundown

55 minutes to dedicate to your personal leadership growth by learning to master feedback.

This workshop will cover:

☑️  How to get the most from the feedback you receive

☑️  How to spot bias and how to respond constructively

☑️  How to process feedback that seems to conflict with your authentic self

☑️  Learn how to seek out feedback from the right people

☑️  Why being part of a feedback culture is so critical to your success

Giving you:

☑️  Practical tools you can use immediately

☑️  Inspiration to take actionable next steps for yourself

☑️  Relatable stories to leave you feeling re-energized

This is for you if...

☑️  You've encountered feedback that's vague or hard to act on, and you're looking for clarity and actionable steps to move forward.

☑️  You're getting feedback that conflicts with your authentic leadership style, and you want balance without compromising your integrity.

☑️  You're in a feedback desert, and It's stalling your your desired growth. 

☑️  You're a female leader feeling stuck or constrained in your current role, seeking breakthroughs for growth and success.

Hi, I'm Em.


What drives me is helping people to thrive and to build inclusive cultures rich in learning and impact. 

With close to 20 years of experience working with achievement-oriented leaders across 30+ countries, I use a two-pronged approach:


1. Empower individuals to thrive in areas of their lives important to them; and


2. Work with leaders to build inclusive leadership capabilities.


I partner with people and organizations through services that include coaching, facilitation, speaking, and consulting.


Let's work together on your quest to thrive as yourself and to develop your leadership capabilities so that those around you can too.

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To name a few of the incredible client's and their leaders I've worked alongside:

Hear from those I've coached...

"Em's insights and tools have been invaluable; they've allowed me to reframe challenges and find solutions, both for myself and my colleagues. This program was unlike anything I've ever participated in, and it's hard to imagine returning to my old ways of thinking and working. It's been a true game-changer."

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Emily Xu

Managing Partner, Influence Matters PR Firm

"Participating in Em’s programs put a spotlight on self-awareness and the stories we tell ourselves. In a stressful period, I was able to step back into myself and recenter on what was really important to me and come away with some clear next steps that have led to better boundaries and a work life integration that's really working for everyone." 


Theresa Hudinski

A global executive / mom that challenges the status quo wherever she goes focusing on people, purpose, impact. 

"Coaching with Em has been truly transformative! I struggled to find the right coach for me at my stage, but from the very beginning, I knew this was the perfect fit. Our sessions were intensely energizing, intellectually stimulating, and very inspiring. I am now embracing my authenticity with confidence and clarity and navigating challenging situations with far more composure. I’ve expanded my influence and built stronger, more genuine, relationships globally. If you are a high-achieving leader seeking to elevate your game and become the role model you are capable of being, work with Em "


Jennice Zhu

CFO Fortune 500 Company

I've crafted this workshop specifically to help you navigate feedback with confidence, clarity, and purpose - responding to common challenges I see women leaders face.

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