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For those who are feeling burnt out, I can help!

Gain alignment with your authentic self and thrive with transformational coaching

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Helping leaders from companies like:

Transformational Coaching is right for you if...

☑️  You feel unclear about what is next for you

☑️  You feel boxed in by never-ending to-do lists

☑️  You feel there's more to your authentic self, but you're not sure how to bring it forward

☑️  You feel like you're not truly thriving, you know deep down you're capable of more

☑️  You feel like you’re overly hard on yourself, but can’t break the cycle

☑️  You feel a yearning to connect more deeply to your spiritual self


I'm Em.

I've helped thousands of incredible leaders in 30+ countries break free from the confines of “should” thinking and tap into the calling of their hearts and unleash the immense power within them and shine in ways that only they can.

It’s easy to lose sight of what truly makes you YOU in the pursuit of excellence in everyday life.

I’m here to partner with you on your journey to live a life you're excited about!


"Coaching with Em has been truly transformative! I struggled to find the right coach for me at my stage, but from the very beginning, I knew this was the perfect fit. Our sessions were intensely energizing, intellectually stimulating, and very inspiring. I am now embracing my authenticity with confidence and clarity and navigating challenging situations with far more composure. I’ve expanded my influence and built stronger, more genuine, relationships globally. If you are a high-achieving leader seeking to elevate your game and become the role model you are capable of being, work with Em."


Jennice Zhu

CFO, Fortune 500 Company

"What’s the value of living in alignment, feeling at home and centered in your own skin? Investing in myself and my own growth has had a tremendous impact and I love that I’m role modelling this to my daughter."

Sarah Weldon

Business Development / Strategic Partnerships

I’m still processing how it happened that this experience could be so fun and yet so intense! Whatever the combo, our time together kickstarted what’s been an incredible journey for me. I’m in a much different place than I thought I’d be when I set out, but that’s somehow a dream, as I’ve been willing to go “off course” and craft my own path!


Stephenie Lee

Founder in EdTech

Ready to start thriving as your authentic self?

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