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Leadership Coach for Women

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Hi, I'm Em, a global coach, facilitator, speaker... and free spirit.

My lifelong quest has been to create spaces where people can thrive. Over the past two decades, I've designed and led transformational programs for thousands of people across over 30 countries. I coach high-performing executives and help organizations retain, develop and advance women.

•  Do you have this feeling like you’re ready to step into next level you, but you’re not sure how to action it?  

•  Does the idea of shining a light on things you may not have considered about yourself and your current day to day excite you? 

•  Are you ready to thrive?


Let me ask you...

You've likely found your way here because... 


You want to operate at your best. You’ve got high standards of success and you’re not afraid to go for what you want.


You want to be bolder and more authentic.You don't want to apologize for bringing your best, for wanting to make an impact.


You want to craft a life that truly inspires you.  And it’s not just you – you’ve got people around you that are counting on you to show them the way.

But something feels off - the journey is unclear...

What you want at this stage isn’t so easy to just map out and get.

You’re open, you’re ready, you’re willing…

And yet, you’re not moving forward at the pace you’re capable of.

You’ve tried.


You’ve asked for feedback.

You’ve read books.

You’ve attended courses.

You want to operate at your best. You’ve got high standards of success and you’re not afraid to go for what you want.

You've likely read books like Atomic Habits, Thinking Fast and Slow, Getting Things Done, The Secret, The Alchemist, and others.

Courses like leadership programs or workshops. Maybe you're an active member of your organization's diversity council.


And when none of this has worked, you’ve maybe even tried other things.

Yoga classes or teacher training, coaching courses or certification, spiritual readings or horoscopes.

You're ready, but you’re not seeing the change you want.

It's not your fault.

Thriving is a very individual thing.

It’s not something you solve for, it’s something you design and craft.

It’s not a single exercise, it’s a journey and a mindset.

What you need is to...

Get better at walking your unique path. Because your uniqueness will lead you to your greatness.

Lean into enjoying the journey by steepening your learning curve and taking responsibility for what success means to you now.


Thrive As Yourself Methodology:

A Proven 3-Step Process

Em Roblin sitting

Are you ready to step into
next level you?

I wonder if you’re in a situation similar to a lot of the high-achieving professionals I work with?

You accomplish things you set your mind to. The challenge you’re facing now isn’t about achieving a specific goal you have, it’s more about getting clear on what the next stage of your life looks like.

Are you looking to craft a future that really inspires you?

You’ve got a growth mindset and you consistently seek out feedback, but at this stage, you’re not getting enough constructive insights. You want to zoom out, but you're not sure where to start. Are you craving for someone to be able to shine a light on things you haven’t seen or considered yet?

You’re good, but you’d like to be great. Or, let’s be serious, you’re great but what you’d like is to be extraordinary. You want to optimize and upskill yourself so that you’re thriving. You know some key areas you’d like to see growth in (maybe it’s getting better at managing your triggers, being more present with people, finding your own balance), but are sure you’re blind to other things. Would you benefit from getting individualized feedback along with tips and tools on how to upskill and optimize?

It's time to step into next level you. 

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Because next level you:

  • Loves life and experiences joy as a normal part of every day

  • Emanates a healthy energy and vitality

  • Enjoys momentum in key things you care about

  • Dances with uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity

  • Is inspiring to be around

​Put yourself into a thriving state and then get the tools and build the capabilities to do that for others. I can help you create the conditions for the people around you to thrive. 

Em Roblin coaching
Em Roblin deep dive approach

What we'll focus on

I’ve coached hundreds of people around the world, from executives, entrepreneurs, and scholars to high performing professionals to certified coaches. I help people to live, unapologetically, as their fullest selves and to create that empowering space for the people around them. 

This is the journey I’ve been on in my own life, to live unapologetically as my fullest self. It’s brought with it some fascinating experiences! Pioneering an industry halfway around the world from where I grew up, opening my heart on stage in front of thousands of people, travelling with my daughter to 12 countries in the first year of her life experiencing beautiful oceans together, historic landmarks… and… sampling lots of different corporate breastfeeding facilities too.

I currently run a thriving practice from my home in Bali, Indonesia, where I live with my partner and three children. All the things you see in the next level bullet points above, I experience those, all of them.

And no way will I help you become like me. Because I’m taken.

I’ll help you be you. I’ll see you. 

And we won't stop there. Because the people I work with care deeply for those around them. I'll help you help others to thrive. 

This is how we will do it

We will start with an assessment and a questionnaire to fully understand and identify the key areas of focus in order to have the greatest impact in our work together.

We will spend 90 minutes in deep, thoughtful, heartfelt dialogue. We'll unpack what you most want and where you're at, then zoom up and out from your current vantage point for a fresh perspective. You'll have an opportunity to awaken to new possibilities about how you can further step into your potential in specific, actionable ways. What we do in the first deep dive session is to unlock the unconventional truth and see what that means for you. You'll learn how to take radical responsibility, you'll map out a plan for yourself that will embrace the fact that in order for you to grow, you're going to be working on getting more comfortable being uncomfortable. 

For the following 30 days, you will have unlimited access to me to check in, ask questions, seek insights and ideas - whatever you need as the result of our deep work together. 

After that, we'll meet for 30 minutes to look at what has shifted, what you've learned and what you'll do next. We will decide together if and how we will continue to work together. 

Em Roblin coaching package

Deep transformational work starts the moment you decide you're ready for it.

Are you ready?

What is the investment?

To get started it's $995 USD.

All major credit cards are accepted. 

Guarantee. You have a full money back guarantee if, for whatever reason, you are not satisfied. 


What’s the value of living in alignment, feeling at home and centered in your own skin? Investing in myself and my own growth has had a tremendous impact and I love that I’m role modelling this to my daughter.

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