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Your Pathway to True Thriving Starts Here

Let's go on a transformative adventure - where we'll optimize thriving in your life, and help you create the conditions for those around you to do the same.


The Unconventional Truth About Thriving

Imagine a life where thriving isn't just about meeting standards set by society, but an exhilarating journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and meaningful growth. Thriving is more than just ticking boxes; it's about getting clear about what true success looks like for you, the ongoing process of learning, and embracing the pure joy of small victories. Too often, we get caught up measuring ourselves by others' definitions of success.

Embracing the unconventional truth about thriving invites you on a perpetual adventure, where the essence lies not in reaching a particular destination but in the dynamic process of authentically being and becoming.

True Thriving means: 


Embrace continuous self-renewal through cycles of growth, regeneration, and evolution.


Derive meaning from the actions you take in a world you feel intimately interconnected to.


Live your fullest life, on your own terms, in your own way. Unapologetically.


Empower others - not to be like you – but to thrive as themselves by leading inclusively

True Thriving Requires


Taking Radical Responsibility


Zooming Out From Problems


Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

I'm grateful to work with some incredible people at these leading organizations:

Elaine Lin.jpg

While you can try, you can’t separate or compartmentalize so many different parts of your life. What Em does is see the whole you. She’ll invite you, in the most nonjudgmental way, to look at who you are and to grow in expected and unexpected ways. I’ve been comfortable to put her in front of my top executive team, to our high potential female talent, and I’ve also joined in Em’s experiences too, each bringing impact personally and professionally. Her ability to bridge cultures between the West and Asia is a real unique strength of hers. Look forward to more opportunities.

Elaine Lin

Vice President, Baxter


Here's how we can work together


I'm grateful to work with some incredible people at these leading organizations:

"How do we create the conditions where individuals can truly thrive as themselves?

This question fuels my work and life.


It's led me to: 

  • Collaborate with thousands of people from over thirty countries

  • Partner with global leaders on impactful projects

  • Witness the transformative growth in high achievers - in themselves and the lives they touch

  • Be recognized as a pioneer in the field


Want to know more? Dive into my story to understand how my journey can help enrich yours.

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It's been delightful and insightful to work with Em in and out of organizations over the last few years. She helps people connect personally to things that frequently remain at arms-length or purely intellectual and emboldens them to keenly take meaningful action. And she works across dimensions of difference with a grace and ease that is exceptional.

Denise Gammal


Your Path to Thriving Starts Here

Take this unique assessment to check in on how you're doing right now at thriving as yourself. It will take less than 10 minutes and you'll see your results immediately. 

With personalized results, this assessment will help you to zone in on specific areas where you are thriving, coasting, or surviving in your life. Understanding your results will help you identify specific habits and exercises to focus on so you can thrive more fully.


You'll have access to resources, customized to your results, to support you on your journey to experience more deep fulfilment with a sustainable healthy energy and a calm sense of inner peace. 

Join the thousands of leaders around the world that use this assessment as a tool to enhance and guide their lives by clicking on the button below.

Schedule a Transformative Deep Dive Coaching Session with Em  

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Participating in an Em experience was really unique – I’m still processing how it happened that it could be so fun and yet so intense! Whatever the combo, our time together kickstarted what’s been an incredible journey for me. I’m in a much different place than I thought I’d be when I set out, but that’s somehow a dream, as I’ve been willing to go “off course” and craft my own path. I’ll be back for more!

Stephenie Lee

Founder, Beacon Learning

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