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Building inclusive spaces

where people belong

because of who they are

Some of the clients I have worked with:

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Em Roblin consulting

I consult in leading organizations to:

  • Develop inclusive leadership capabilities for your leading lights

  • Deepen trust and collaboration in high performing teams

  • Build solid pipelines of female talent

  • Retain and develop diverse talent

  • Localize Inclusion and Diversity strategies to different geographies

Specific projects and services include:

  • Deep dive coaching with executives

  • Workshops and learning development programs

  • Retreats and experiences

  • Strategy consulting

  • Events, conferences

  • And much more.

Em Roblin Smile

Em is an authentic, free spirit who is empowering to be around. Her vision emanates what we’re about at Avenues – the architecting of lives that transcend the ordinary. It’s been an honor to partner with Em through her extraordinary experiences and to meet the incredible people she brings together.

Mei Wang

Global Director for China Campus Development and General Manager


What can I help you with?

Let’s book a call, where it will be great to hear more about you as well as some of the challenges you’re facing and goals you’re committed to driving ahead.

I’ll be happy to share about some of the projects I’ve been working on then too.

Then, from there we can dream up something together.

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