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Em Roblin international speaker


Inspiring audiences worldwide to

awaken to new possibilities,

drive purpose and

connect head and heart

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Em radiates with a contagious energy when she speaks. Recommended by many leaders in top organizations worldwide, she has delivered her unique and authentic style and won the hearts of executives and employees from Asia to Europe to Africa and South America. Em is comfortable to go places other people aren’t willing to go – and that is truly inspiring.

Em Roblin international speaking


  • Inclusive Leadership

  • Building an Inclusive Culture

  • Women in Leadership

  • Feminine Leadership

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

  • Confidence

  • Living in Alignment

  • Growing your Global Network

  • Thriving as yourself

  • Vulnerability

  • Leading with Love

  • Psychological Safety


  • Executive Teams and Boards

  • Leadership Conferences

  • Virtual Events

  • EMBA Faculty and Students

  • Company Townhalls

  • DEI Events

  • Industry Groups / Events

  • Women’s Networks

Em Roblin audiences
Em Roblin speaking

Recent Engagements

Some recent talks: ​

  • Executive Leadership Keynote: Stop! It's time to disrupt our Auto-Pilot! Multinational Company Leadership Retreat, (October 2022)

  • Mental Health Awareness Building: Understanding Psychological Safety, Shipping Company (October, 2022)

  • Women in Leadership: Thrive as yourself! A journey that starts now

  • International Women’s Day Keynote: Break the Bias, 5 different multinational companies,  (March 2022)

  • Leading Inclusively, A Masterclass at Shaperz HK Start Up Conference (May 2021)

  • International Women’s Day Keynote: Choose to Challenge, 6 different multinational companies,  (March 2021)

  • Fostering Connection in a Virtual Era, Tech company, (March 2021)

  • Embedding Psychological Safety in your Team, FMCG Company (March 2021)

  • Women Thriving in Technology, Tech company, (March 2021)

  • Counteracting Bias, Manufacturing Company, (January 2021)

  • Building Inclusive Cultures Unscripted, Consulting Company (December 2020)

  • Localizing Diversity and Inclusion Strategy, New Diversity Summit (September 2020)

Tiziana Figliolia

Are you looking for a speaker, event MC or expert facilitator that will WOW people? Inspire? Get people thinking? Create a deep emotional connection? Make people laugh? Propel people to take positive action? If so, then you’d better work with Em Roblin. I’ve hired her across many roles and across many years and she nails it every time.

Tiziana Figliolia



Different ways Em can support your event:

  • Keynote Speaker

  • Master of Ceremonies

  • Moderator or Panellist

  • Workshop / Masterclass

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  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
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